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Motor Vehicle Liens

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How to File a Motor Vehicle Lien:

To file a lien, a customer may mail or bring in person the following items:

-Original Kentucky Title or Registration Receipt with the RED "FOR LIEN PURPOSE ONLY" stamp and the raised seal, as well as space to file the lien on the title. See example below. 

-A blank Title Lien Filing Statement (TC 96-187) which can be picked up from our office or by the lien holder

-Payment of $22.00 (20 days past the registration date, you must submit a payment of $24.00)

The Madison County Clerk's Office strives to process all Title Lien Filing Statements in a timely and efficient manner. The Clerk's Office staff has 30 days per KRS 186A.195 (3) to process a Title Lien Filing Statement from the day it is received. 

The Clerk's Office does not provide Title Lien Searches.

Registration Receipt

Lien area of Title

Multiple Mailing Addresses that are in Neighboring Counties

In Madison County there are as many as 1500 property mailing addresses that are actually in neighboring counties. This has caused many vehicle liens to be sent to our county in error. 

If you would be interested in receiving an emailed list of these addresses, please call our office at  859-624-4703 ext. 1. Because this list is so large, we are not able to send it out via mail. This list will help ensure accurate and timely processing of your lien. 

Releasing a Vehicle Lien 

*E-mailed lien releases can only be accepted if they are sent from the secured party (lienholder)."

To release a lien, the following documents may be mailed, e-mailed or delivered in person:

-Original Kentucky Title 

-Completed Release/Termination Statement (TC 96-187) - we are only able to provide this form to the lien holder. 

Liens WILL NOT be released under the following conditions:

-Release information is listed on the original lien filing statement

-Missing or Incorrect File Number 

-Missing or Incorrect File Date

-Missing Debtor or Security Information 

-Missing Vehicle Information  

-Missing Signature and/or Date of Secured Party 

If you need a copy of a lien release, the following fees will be charged: 

$0.25 per page

$2.00 (this fee must be received prior to our office sending a fax) 

If you request a copy of a lien via mail, please provide the following information: 

-Self addressed stamped envelope 

-Written request containing the following information: File Number, File Date, Title Number, and Debtor's name

Mail request to:

PO Box 1270

Madison County Clerk's Office 

Richmond, KY 40476

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