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Clerk's Office Tour

Many classes enjoy field trips to the County Clerk’s Office. If your class or group is interested in learning about archived records or the election process and would like to schedule a tour, please contact our office at 859-624-4703 #2 or email We will schedule a tour as quickly as possible.

During your tour, we can cover a variety of topics:

  • Land records (back top 1786)

  • Voter registration  

  • Voting process 

  • Delinquent tax process

  • Vehicle registration

  • Marriage license (back to 1786)

Election Day

Voting Machine Demonstration

Fear of how to use the voting machines is one reason individuals do not come out to vote on Election Day.  Our goal is to make the voting process for all Madison County citizens a positive experience.  During non-election times, you can schedule to have voting machines at your school or civic group.  To reserve the voting machines, please contact our office at 859-624-4703 #2.  We encourage groups to show the “How to Vote Video”.  


Speaking to Students and Civic Groups

Clerk Kenny Barger believes civic engagement begins early in life and continues throughout your life.  As the son of a teacher, he enjoys working with students and adults alike, teaching about the importance of civic and community involvement. To request Clerk Barger to speak, please contact our office at 859-624-4703 #2, or email Clerk Kenny Barger at

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