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Transferring a Kentucky Title From One Owner to Another

Transferring a KY Title: picture of a car.


Speed Title

Title Submission Information: 

You can submit an unlimited number of application for Speed Titles at our Richmond and Berea Branches.

The processing fee is $25.00, and you can expect your title to be mailed within 3 to 5 business days. 

A speed title cannot be done on the following: Classic Vehicles, Boats, Mechanics Lien, Towing & Storage, Affidavit of Ownership or Bill of Sale, Duplicates, Correction, Restored Title, Out-of-Country, Court Order, KY-assigned vehicle identification number, Salvage title from "junk or unrebuildable," or Kit vehicle.

Transfer Requirements

  1. Kentucky Certificate or Title (notarized)

  2. Picture Identification 

  3. Lien Release (if applicable)

  4. SSN or Kentucky Driver's License Number (owner/buyer) 

  5. Current Address (owner/buyer)

  6. Birth Month (owner/buyer)

  7. Kentucky proof of insurance card (not policy page) in the buyer's name effective within 45 days of transfer on the vehicle being transferred

Tranferring a KY Title: New car keys!


For 5" by 7" Titles, Please Note: If the seller does not sign the title(s) and/or TC-96-182 and have it notarized, then the state requires that the buyer pay 6% sales tax on 100% of the retail book value, instead of trade-in/purchase price of the vehicle. 

For 8" by 11" Titles, Please Note: These titles require the seller's signature, and it must be notarized.

If the paperwork is properly signed and notarized. see the Usage Tax Exemption Guidelines

Property Taxes: The seller is responsible for any and all property taxes due on the vehicle they are selling. The buyer will not pay property tax until after they have had the vehicle titled in their name(s) as of January 1 of the following year. 

*Note to Buyer: If the seller does not pay the taxes on the vehicle to be transferred and they are delinquent, then the buyer will have to pay the taxes in order to transfer the vehicle in their name. Once the transfer is complete the buyer will be given a new vehicle registration in their name at the Clerk's Office, then the new title will be mailed to the new owner 2 to 6 weeks after date of transfer. 

*Note to Seller: Signing the back of a title and having it notarized does not automatically transfer the vehicle to the new owner. The title must be taken to a Motor Vehicle Office and physically transferred in the Kentucky Motor Vehicle System. The seller is still legally liable for the vehicle and taxes until the transfer has been completed. It is always recommended that both the buyer and the seller be together for the transfer, to ensure all documentation has been properly processed. 

We advise both seller and buyer to be present to transfer ownership of a title. 

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