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Closing a Box


Titling a Vehicle when you move to Kentucky...

-Out of State title signed by the seller and notarized if applicable. See the links below. 

-TC 96-182 signed and notarized by seller for the sales price amount (Download below). Highlighted ares on example below must be filled out. Without this form signed and notarized by seller, the buyer will be charge 6% sales tax based on high retail according to NADA instead of purchase price. 

-Sheriff's inspection (located in the Madison County Annex) 859-623-1511

-Proof of Kentucky Insurance (VIN number must match registration) ***the effective date on the insurance card

must be NO MORE THAN 45 DAYS from the date you come to the County Clerk's Office to register your vehicle. Proof of insurance can be emailed to

Paperwork Required

A person who is bringing a vehicle from another state is required to title the vehicle within 15 days. The following documents and information are required:

  1. out of state title (photo copy is not acceptable) 

  2. Sheriff's Inspection Form TC 96-182 (see Motor Vehicle Printable forms)

        -a copy of the title is required for the Sheriff's inspection.

        -the Sheriff's Department is located in the basement of the Madison County Annex Building.

​    3. proof of sales/usage that was paid from the previous state. Examples could include one of the following:

        -tax shown on certificate of title 

        -dealer purchase contract 

        -financing statement from lender 

        -receipt or letter from tax agency 

    4. if proof of sales is not available, presumed credit will be given 

    5. proof of Kentucky insurance card on vehicle being registered with EFFECTIVE DATE being NO LATER than 45 DAYS of transfer. (KRS 186A.042)

    6. a title that contains AND or has NO connector between the owners, both parties' signatures are required 

    7. proof of identification is required 

When your title is held by a lien holder/finance company, we have a letter we will send to your lien holder requesting them to send us the out of state title. We will contact the customer when we receive your out of state title. 

The information required for the request:

-lien holder/finance company name, address, and fax number

-customers name, address, and contact number 

-Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

-Account Number 

The State of Kentucky can issue one temporary tag with KY proof of insurance on an out of state vehicle coming into the state. The cost of a temporary tag is $2.00 and it expires 30 days from the date of issue.

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