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Requirements to obtain a Marriage License

The cost to apply for a marriage license is $50.00, effective January 1, 2020. This may be payed with cash, check, or card.


Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex Marriages: June 26, 2015 our office received instructions from the State of Kentucky, for a gender neutral marriage license. 

We are now selling gender neutral marriage licenses at both Richmond and Berea offices.Supreme

-Both parties must be 18 years or older

 *If either party is under 18, see requirements below

-Both parties must apply for the license together 

-You must be getting married in the state of Kentucky within 30 days of the purchased application

-Both must present an acceptable form of ID 

 *Driver's License

 *Government-issued Picture ID

 *Passport (must be translated in English if applicable) 

Steps After the Marriage takes place

You must return the completed marriage license to the Madison County Clerk's Office within 30 days of the ceremony. It will be certified by a Deputy Clerk and filed with the State of Kentucky. The certified copy will then be mailed to the newlyweds. 

When changing your maiden name, you will take your certified marriage license to the Social Security Administration office (located at 1060 Gibson Bay Dr., Richmond, KY)

Requirements for a Minor Marriage License

Must be at least 17 years of age and must present a certified copy of a court order from the District Court Judge that grants the parties permission to marry. If either party is pregnant the court must also issue an order. 

A female minor must make the application in the county of her parents residence, but can get married in another county after she has completed the requirements for the license. 

Consent to Marriage form (located on the back of the marriage license) is required and will be filled out when applying for the marriage license. Consent must be obtained from both the father and the mother-if both are living and the parents are divorced or legally separated, and a court order of joint custody to the parents of the person 17 has been issued and is in effect. This must be completed, witnessed, signed by the parents or legal guardians* of the minor, and sworn by the deputy clerk (a guardian must bring the document affirming the guardianship.) 

Parents or legal guardians* of the minor, and two witnesses 18 years old or older, must sign the Consent to Marriage Form for each minor. 

If the parents of either minor are divorced, custody papers are required to sign the Consent to Marriage Form. 

Birth Certificate and Driver's License/State ID must be presented. 

NOTE - Kentucky does not marry minors whose parents reside outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky