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Replacement Title

Vip Ride

How do I get a replacement title?

Complete the Application for title/registration (TC96-182) in the following sections:

-Vehicle Identification Section, including odometer reading and/or appropriate boxes checked

-Affidavit for Replacement Section, give current title number and check reason for updating/correcting the current title

-Owner-Buyer Section, name of current owner(s), address, and Social Security Number. Check the appropriate boxes for the lien information. Owner's signature and notary section are required.

-The application must be signed by the registered owner or an individual possessing Power of Attorney for the owner. A copy of the Power of Attorney must be submitted with the Application for Title. The signature on all forms must be notarized or the application cannot be accepted. 

Completed application and filing fee must be returned to the Madison County Clerk's Office for processing. 

The title will be mailed to the owner, from the Transportation Cabinet, within 2-3 business days of application if there is no pending lien. 

-$6.00 for notarized application 

-$8.00 for Deputy Clerk to witness and notarize the signature (ID is required)

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