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Mobile Home 

Trailer Set Up

What's Needed to Transfer Ownership of a Mobile Home?

-Kentucky Certificate of Title, clear of all liens, with assignment portion properly completed by the buyer and the seller

-Application for title/registration (TC 96-182) may be required 

-Social Security numbers for each party appearing on the title or Federal ID number for companies

-If the Mobile Home has been moved, a State Fire marshal inspection is required. 

Mobile homes are often transferred in the same manner as vehicles except proof of insurance is not required. 


To  contact the State Fire Marshal, visit their website (link below) 

Signing Contract

Mobile Home Conversion to Real Estate...

Mobile Homes permanently attached to real estate may now be converted to real estate. Once the Mobile Home has been converted, the title is surrendered and can not be re-issued. 

The Kentucky Certificate of Title (clear of all liens) must be surrendered to the County Clerk and junked for $1.00. An affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate along with a copy of Certificate of Title is filed in the Deed Room of the County Clerk's Office for a $50.00 recording fee. 

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