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New Car Keys


How to Renew...

Renewal on a leased vehicle will occur in the lease company's incorporation month, not in the lessee's birth month.

The annual renewal reminder that is mailed from Kentucky State Transportation will be sent to the Lease Company. 

Lessee(s) should not wait to renew their registration if they do not receive the renewal reminder. 

Purchasing a Lease

When an individual purchases their leased vehicle from the lease company, the lease company will provide the Kentucky title. This title will be properly signed and notarized, with the odometer reading and the sales price completed on the back.

The lessee or buyer should then bring the title to the Clerk's Office, along with their Kentucky proof of insurance, to complete the transfer.

The lessee or buyer will be required to pay a 6% sales tax on the buy-out price of the leased vehicle, in addition to transfer and registration fees. The Kentucky Title will be mailed to the new owner within 4-6 weeks.


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