Salvage/Rebuilt Titles on a Boat

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How do I apply for a salvage/rebuilt boat title?

You will need:

-Salvaged title from Kentucky or out of state must be signed and notarized where applicable

-The seller will need to sign and notarize the bottom of the left hand side where the form states (seller's signature) on the Kentucky application for title/registration (TC 96-184 form)

-The buyer must complete, sign, and have notarized the TC 96-215 form

-Whomever did the repair on the boat, if any, must complete, sign and have notarized the mechanical statement

-All receipts, if any, will need to be provided with documentation to acquire approval from the state to title and register a rebuilt or salvaged boat

-An inspection by the State Fish and Game Warden is required before your paperwork can be submitted to the Transportation Cabinet. 

Please call 1-606-416-8070 to schedule your inspection

Upon completion of paperwork and inspection, you will submit your paperwork to the following address, via mail:

Kentucky Transporation Cabinet

Department of Vehicle Regulation 

Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing 

Rebuilt Section 

PO Box 2014

Frankfort, Kentucky 40622

For faster authorization, you may also hand deliver your paperwork to:

Rebuilt Section 

Kentucky Transporation Cabinet

200 Mero St. 

Frankfort, Kentucky 40622

Phone: 1-502-564-5301

Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.