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Nautical Rope


To apply for a salvage/rebuilt title, you will need:

  1. Signed and notarized salvaged title from Kentucky or out-of-state. 

  2. Signed and notarized seller's signature on the TC 96-184 form where it states "seller's signature," on the bottom left-hand side.

  3. Buyer's notarized signature on the TC 96-215 form. 

  4. If the boat was repaired, whoever repaired the boat must complete the TC 96-353 form, and have their signature notarized.

  5. All receipts, if any, will need to be provided with documentation to get approval from the state to title and register a rebuilt or salvaged boat. 

  6. An inspection by the state Fish and Game Warden is required before your paperwork can be submitted to the Transportation Cabinet. Please call 1-606-416-8070 to schedule your inspection. 

For Kentucky titles, please visit the Clerk's Office (Richmond or Berea Branches) in-person. Out-of-state titles must go to Frankfort.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Department of Vehicle Regulation

Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing 

Rebuilt Section

PO Box 2014

Frankfort, Kentucky 40622

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