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Fishing Boat


Boat registration(s) are renewed annually starting April 1. The Transportation Cabinet typically mails postcard tax notices for boats after March 15.


Any an all property taxes due for an individual on a boat must be collected before any renewal can be completed. 


Bring your boat registration from the previous year and the renewal notice from the Transportation Cabinet.

boat trailer.jfif


Trailers that are licensed are to be renewed annually in March. 

Trailers without a plate or title (trailers only) will receive notice from the Transportation Cabinet in June. The tax will be due by July 31

If you bring in your trailer registration from the previous year, the clerk can collect the tax due at the time you renew your boat. 

Beginning January 1, 2018 you will no longer be able to transfer your boat title or renew your boat without a valid HIN. Click here to see if you have a valid HIN.

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